The health of our workforce is an important factor for the success of Volkswagen Group Services. Our company health management scheme looks after occupational safety and health. It combines all health-related activities, which are grouped into areas such as prevention, management & self-responsibility and reintegration. The prevention services we offer to our employees range from health screening such as medical check-ups and occupational health and fitness services through to social coaching.


Reintegration incorporates our company integration management (CIM) programme which is intended to allow affected employees to return to the workplace

or make their return easier. The aim of the CIM is to prevent a further period of illness due to the same cause and therefore maintain the individual's job.

Our health managers analyse the occupational and physiological workplace conditions of various members of staff. They draw up physiological risk assessments, carry out training courses and information days on health-related topics and organise health workshops.

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Below we present some of our roles from the health sector in more detail:

Physiotherapy & occupational therapy

Our jobs in health management

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are important in industry in order to maintain employees' health and fitness. Whether it be in assembly in the automotive factory or at a desk in an office, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the Volkswagen Group have a variety of opportunities to carry out their profession and have an exciting role to play. They are responsible at sites such as Wolfsburg, Braunschweig or Hanover for providing a wide range of preventative services. The physio team supports all kinds of colleagues in their workplace on an everyday basis, providing personalised support or tips on prevention.

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