Dual Technology Study Course

The application period runs from 1st July to 31st October for people wishing to start their training the following year. 

Our technical study courses with practical experience offer you the best of two worlds. In-depth training within the Volkswagen Group and practical study at the Ostfalia Technical University. Alongside mechanical engineering, we also offer electrical engineering and IT as a dual study course within a technical discipline.


Electrical Engineering & Information Technology | Study with practical experience

Electrical engineering and IT is an interesting and always topical area of expertise that is relevant to many areas of our lives. There are many different and responsible roles available to electrical engineers. The rapid advances in technical development call for well-trained professionals, for example in the field of multimedia, in the global supply of energy and automation, in sensor and measuring technology, in telecommunications and in information technology. Electrical engineering and information technology offers a broad area of activity between hardware-specific applications and software-based solutions, which are anchored both in research and development and in production, industrial management processes and data processing. Examples of the many and varied areas of work include digital media with the close intermeshing of mobile communications, radio and TV, the Internet and associated wired and wireless network connections. Thanks to endless innovations in short cycles in the field of information technology, signal and data processing, new challenges and tasks are constantly having to be surmounted and accomplished.


Duration of study and training: 4 years

Degrees: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Study of electrical engineering and information technology with practical experience

University: Ostfalia (University of Applied Sciences), Wolfenbüttel Campus

Also read the Description of the course on electrical engineering and information technology with practical experience from Ostfalia.


Areas of focus during the course of study with practical experience

  • Reading of drawings, creation of sketches, planning of processes
  • Planning, organising and implementing complex work orders
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical operating equipment
  • Measurement and analysis of electrical functions and systems
  • Installation and configuration of IT systems
  • Compilation of mechanical, electromechanical and electrical components to form assemblies
  • Shaping, laying and connection of cables
  • Measurement of DC and AC current amplitudes and testing of components and assemblies
  • Mounting and installation of system parts
  • Setup, monitoring and maintenance of functional and business processes in automatic production facilities


Requirements profile

  • University entrance certificate required
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Passion for technology, cars and the subject of mobility
  • A strong willingness to deliver, flexibility and mobility


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