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Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is the exclusive service partner within the Volkswagen Group. In the hometown of Audi, more than 400 employees provide technical, commercial and IT services, with a focus on information technology and consulting for the digitalisation of business processes in the Volkswagen Group.


Our IT services are constantly growing, which is why we also train ourselves in areas such as system integration, application development as well as data and process analysis.

It is important to us that our young workers learn what is important in their future field of work by getting on-the-job experience and personal support in each department.
Since we do not have a production area, all learning sites are located within our IT services.
Our apprentice IT lab offers you the opportunity to try out new things and search for creative solutions. Regardless of whether you would like to experiment with PCs and laptops, servers and network switches, a 3D printer, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or a Calliope mini – you can launch your own projects in your own way in the lab.

We also promote the acquisition of skills in other areas, such as communication with customers and other participating companies or professional knowledge management, with flat hierarchies and in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere.

Your benefits at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH

In addition to excellent pay, we offer our apprentices and dual students:

  • exciting alternating assignments in different areas
  • team events across all apprenticeship areas
  • positive work-life balance made possible by flexible working conditions
  • remote work option
  • apprentice IT lab that can be used to develop creative ideas
  • option for internship abroad
  • up to 30 days holiday
  • free “M-membership” at Urban Sports Club
  • discounts on products from more than 600 brands; special conditions for vehicle leasing and purchases (Volkswagen Group)

In addition, the company guarantees graduates employment in training-related specialist areas and offers a variety of growth opportunities with its wide range of IT service areas.

I’m really pleased that we can support IT apprentices at our southern location every year and prepare them for their careers. Apprentices are very important to us, and the chances are very good that they will be offered a job in the area or department where they felt most comfortable working.

Your entry-level career opportunities

IT Specialist (m/f/x) | Apprenticeship

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Business Informatics | Study

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IT Specialist (m/f/x) | Apprenticeship

Our apprentices learn how to introduce new IT systems into the existing environment and maintain user authorisations or analyse processes and data. They manage devices and applications, program, monitor IT systems and prevent system failures. They also learn about cloud topics and the data centre of major customers. Volkswagen Group Services offers a variety of work terms and a great working environment for the perfect start to your career in IT.

Why work with us?

Volkswagen Group Services offers IT apprenticeships with exciting opportunities in a variety of service areas – from Application Management to Server Operations and Client Services. During the apprenticeship, I will get to know a different department in the company every three to six months.

Duration of the apprenticeship: Three years
Locations: Various operational sites in Ingolstadt, Germany
Vocational schoolStaatliche BBS 1 Ingolstadt

Is it a good fit for me?

This could be the perfect occupation for you if:

  • you regularly show your parents how computers and programmes work correctly
  • you have always wanted to analyse data and processes
  • analysis errors make you freak out
  • you know that Java isn’t a character out of Star Wars
Requirements for apprentices

You should have:

  • good analytical skills
  • visual thinking skills
  • creativity and willingness to learn


Language skills:

  • good command of English


School leaving qualification:

Vocational baccalaureate diploma or A levels are recommended, as well as good grades in mathematics and English.

Specialisation in apprenticeships

Apprentices in our department can specialise in systems integration, application development and data & process analysis:


System Integration

As an IT specialist for system integration (m/f/x), you enable the operation of IT such as servers, network components or individual computers. To this end, you network hardware and software components and install complex systems. This also involves providing assistance to users and decision makers in shopping or using IT, for example.

Application Development

As an application development specialist (m/f/x) you plan and develop software and software projects for clients. In addition to new developments, further developments are key, and you will therefore learn how to analyse existing IT systems and plan new ones. You will also train the users.

Data and Process Analysis

In data and process analysis, you develop database-based solutions for digital production and business processes. To do this, you need to analyse these existing work processes beforehand, select the necessary tools, identify the data sources and ensure that data security and data protection are also observed within the new solutions. You are the bridge between application developers and system integrators, given the increasing volume of complex, rich data that requires special handling.

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Business Informatics | Study

Business informatics has to do with information systems in business, society and administration. The main goal of the discipline is to understand information systems within the context of their application while also considering implementation, usage and maintenance aspects and strategic opportunities for the company. Business informatics is the interface discipline between business administration, computer science and engineering.

Why work with us?

At Volkswagen Group Services, students also meet dedicated business people, computer scientists and engineers at work, who are happy to pass on their knowledge during the work terms, thus offering the perfect complement to their studies. There are many areas you can learn from, such as business operations, IT project management or consulting.

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Duration of studies: 3 to 3.5 years (6 - 7 semesters)
Location: Various operational sites in Ingolstadt, Germany
UniversityTH Ingolstadt

More about business informatics studies on the TH Ingolstadt website https://www.thi.de/studium/studienangebote/duales-studium/bachelor-dual/

Is it a good fit for me?

  • this could be the perfect occupation for you if:
  • you regularly show your parents how computers and programmes work correctly
  • you have always wanted to analyse data and processes

Study programme for Business Informatics

  1. 1

    Basic studies

    On-boarding weeks together with all students of the same year.

    You will switch between working on exciting assignments in various departments and attending lectures at one of the universities.

    The basic study programme from the 1st to 3rd semesters includes the following subjects:

    • Programming basics
    • Business English
    • Basics of business administration/economics
    • Operating systems and computer networks
    • Economy, business administration and organisation
    • Programming and database applications
    • Requirements, engineering and project management
    • Business informatics and application systems
  2. 2

    Work term at the company

    You will spend the entire fourth semester working at the company. You will switch departments every three months and acquire deeper insights into many teams, processes and business processes.

  3. 3

    Main studies – 5th & 6th semesters

    The main studies cover the following subjects:

    • Process and project management
    • Marketing
    • Private commercial law
    • Controlling

    You may also select three optional modules and run a team project.

    You will write your bachelor thesis together with a department of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.

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