Commercial apprenticeship

The application period runs from 1st July to 31st October for people wishing to start their training the following year. 

With commercial training within Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, you create the basis for a successful start to your professional life and get to know all kinds of areas within our service spectrum and the Volkswagen Group.


Dialogue Marketing Agent (m/f/d) | Training

As a dialogue marketing agent, I work wherever there is intensive dialogue with the customer. Reliable communication and correspondence with the client and the customer, as well as the planning, organisation, controlling and documentation of campaigns and projects are all part of my remit. With support from information and communications systems, I deal with relevant commercial tasks, customer orders or complaints.


Duration of training: 3 years
Training location: Wolfsburg

Areas of focus during training

  • Communication, commercial data and text processing
  • Business organisation and general administration
  • Order and invoice processing
  • Marketing
  • Dialogue processes: verbal and written communication, customer support, customer loyalty and customer acquisition
  • Information and communications systems (software, databases)
  • Technical writing skills, text editing, text formulation and design


Requirements profile

  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • A strong willingness to deliver, flexibility and mobility
  • Interest in business contexts
  • Strong interest in handling modern office communications technologies
  • Good team worker
  • Strong customer focus
  • Knowledge of foreign languages essential 


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