Framework conditions & benefits

Framework conditions for the apprenticeship and degree course

The best support, payment and benefits – what makes starting a career at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH so special?

Best equipment on site and mobile

Each of our trainees and students has access to a fully equipped workplace in the training stations. This includes a height-adjustable desk, an ergonomic office chair, your own laptop, a monitor, mouse and keyboard and, if necessary, a business smartphone.

Your personal laptop accompanies you through your training and supports you in your daily work on site and from home and in your studies for vocational school or university. With us, you have the opportunity to do some of your work from home if your workplace allows it. This is ensured by our company agreement "Mobile Learning". We will provide you with everything you need.

Wide range of learning opportunities

We offer services in all divisions of the Volkswagen Group – which is exactly where you learn during your placement.

As an apprentice, you will change departments every three to six months, allowing you to acquire many exciting experiences and contacts by the end of your apprenticeship.

As a dual student, you will be deployed in different teams during the lecture-free period.

Special projects

Work at memorial sites

The memorial work project also takes place during the second apprenticeship year or in the third semester. In cooperation with all Volkswagen subsidiaries and the International Auschwitz Committee, young people are sent to Oswiecim to learn and remember the history of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The Volkswagen Group promotes awareness of these harrowing historical events and creates a framework for youth to confront them in depth and achieve personal growth beyond the overwhelming emotions that arise.


Seitenwechsel – Changing Sides

Have you ever imagined what day-to-day life is like for a person with a mental or physical disability? The ‘Changing Sides’ project gives apprentices and students the opportunity to experience this situation up close for a week. We cooperate with Lebenshilfe to organise placements in their vocational training area and their workshop. A personal learning process is initiated through the on-site work and the proximity to these special people. Once the week is over, you will start to appreciate the things that everyone takes for granted nowadays.

Internship abroad

In the second apprenticeship year or in the third semester, you will have the chance to apply for the Erasmus+ programme. You will be given the opportunity to implement a project at our European site abroad over a two-month period. We will of course cover all costs and assist you on site.

The goal of this project is for our apprentices and students to develop their intercultural competencies and project management skills.

“Dual Studies” – a work-study programme with us

Dual studies at Volkswagen Group Services means engaging in on-the-job training as part of your studies.

It allows you to reinforce your theoretical learning through regular work experience in the company. Instead of apprenticing while attending classes, you can go straight to all kinds of departments during your lecture-free periods.

The duration of the programme is from three and a half to four years.

Benefits of the apprenticeship

You will enjoy many benefits and advantages during your apprenticeship and studies with Volkswagen Group Services. Employee satisfaction is very important to us.

Exclusive offers and discount campaigns

As a trainee and dual student at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, you have access to our corporate benefits platform, just like all our employees.

Here you can save money in all conceivable areas:

  • on hotels, flights or rental cars
  • on a new smartphone or TV
  • tickets for events 
  • a streaming subscription
  • or new interior design
  • and much more.


Fitness included: Stay sporty with us

In cooperation with the "Urban Sports Club" you have the opportunity to keep fit in your free time. Whether it's yoga, swimming or fitness - our M membership offers you a wide choice and is free of charge for you. With the app, you can access the offer anytime and anywhere.


Volkswagen special conditions

Employees of Volkswagen Group Services can buy or lease their Volkswagen brand vehicle under special conditions. We have negotiated even better conditions for our apprentices and students in the work placement programme. We believe it’s important for everyone to have the chance to be mobile.


Very good contractual conditions

Employee satisfaction is one of our priorities. This is why we provide our apprentices and co-op students the best possible working conditions:

  • 35 hour week
  • 30 vacation days
  • trust-based working hours
  • mobile learning
  • above-average salary
  • permanent employment offers based on performance (total result > 63%)

Apprenticeship salary

The monthly apprenticeship salary at Volkswagen Group Services is

First apprenticeship year: €1,150
Second apprenticeship year: €1,189
Third apprenticeship year: €1,312
Fourth apprenticeship year: €1,392


Dual students are paid €1,220 per month regardless of the number of semesters. Your tuition fees will of course also be paid.

In addition, there is an annual one-time payment in November (for apprentices and dual students whose apprenticeship runs through November 30 of any given year):

  • For apprentices who joined during the year: €484.00
  • For apprentices who joined in previous years: €908.50

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