New tasks often mean new challenges – and we're tackling those challenges with our trained and motivated technicians and engineers. We are very keen to attract people who see the bigger picture. We're looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, an engineering background and strong social skills coupled with a customer focus. All of this means you may easily be over the age of 35.

After starting out with us with a solid induction, interesting and exciting prospects await you in your engineering career as a permanent employee. We operate at numerous Volkswagen sites across Germany, and you may even have the opportunity to be posted to one of our branches abroad. A look at our jobs portal will show you the opportunities that engineers and industrial engineers have with us across the many areas of work, roles and career levels we offer.

Below we present some of our roles from the engineering sector in more detail:

Construction engineers

Roles and opportunities for construction engineers

As a service provider covering a wide range of services within the Volkswagen Group, our task sheet includes orders from building construction and civil engineering. We're looking for construction engineers who are very familiar with the many facets of construction.

We're looking for applicants for construction engineering jobs who have completed their university studies and who have a broad range of technical skills. You may be working on any number of challenging projects as a section leader, project engineer or architect, gathering valuable experience.

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Electrical engineers

Electrical engineering jobs in exciting areas

Our many tasks for Europe's biggest automotive manufacturer bring with them all kinds of jobs and roles. Our roles for electrical engineers, development engineers or project engineers relate to more than areas such as electrical engineering and vehicle technology.  We also operate in battery systems, energy transfer, automation technology, control technology, systems construction and other specialist areas.

Our jobs market will show you all of our current vacancies across all of our departments.

You can find current vacancies in this field of activity the JobPortal.


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Mechanical engineers

As a mechanical engineer, you have many opportunities to choose from

Since 2001, we have been helping to optimise all kinds of products and processes in the Volkswagen Group's production sector – whether these be in systems construction, vehicle construction or vehicle technology. For this reason, we're looking for very different skills in mechanical engineering: from mechanical engineers and construction engineers to sales engineers.

Engineers who have successfully completed their studies and want to progress their careers will find a number of jobs in our online jobs portal. We're looking for employees who have comprehensive knowledge and ideally professional experience in the industrial sector. Join us as we develop the technologies of the future for the Volkswagen Group!

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Design engineers

Design engineers with various job opportunities

An inspirational working environment, fair working hours and a good salary await design engineers with a detailed knowledge of and passion for vehicles. Our dedicated design engineers design and construct components, technical systems, tools and devices. They manage projects on time and improve the product portfolio or optimise vehicles. They create deadline and capacity schedules, as well as cost schedules for new projects. By continuously monitoring existing systems and installation, they are able identify any potential for optimisation and develop tailor-made improvements.

Are you looking to work on systems, installations or components? Join us! From concept development and design assistance to production design!

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Quality manager

Career prospects for quality engineers

In quality assurance, we work with meticulousness and commitment to implement our customer's quality promise. Our quality engineers work in component and material testing. In the context of electromobility, they test battery test cells and carry out advance checks for technical problems in design and production. They also carry out endurance tests on prototypes.

We expect engineers in quality management to have the right qualifications, such as a course of engineering study or additional qualifications that give them the professional expertise and quality techniques they require. Accuracy and conscientiousness are self-evident prerequisites for us in this context. Project management skills are advantageous, since you will be planning and monitoring all aspects of the quality management process.

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Development engineers

Testing and simulation development engineers

The simulation of assemblies and components is essential for ensuring that vehicle production can continue to run smoothly. Our high-quality service for the Volkswagen Group also includes the simulation of production processes, systems and tools. 

Our engineers create calculation models and dimensioning, as well as crash simulations in 3D.  Are we speaking your language? Then apply now for one of our engineering jobs.

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