We are not only looking for engineers – as a technician with professional qualifications or special examinations and certificates, you have good prospects in many business and task areas: starting with classic automotive topics such as automotive engineering, electrical engineering and production, up to in-house technicians in civil engineering, service technicians in customer consulting or as mechanical engineering technicians in quality management.

We rely on employees with broad expertise and, ideally, initial professional experience in the area we are looking for. We work in teams and therefore expect you to have good team spirit and to enjoy working with people. Are you a specialist in a specific area? Great! Then apply online for one of our technicians’ vacancies!


Departments for technicians

We offer activities in many areas - here are the departments for those interested in technology:

(As we currently advertise our vacancies almost exclusively in German, we have linked the relevant departments in German here.)

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Civil Engineer & Construction Draughtsman

In building construction and civil engineering

As an integrated service provider, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH regularly hires construction technicians for various tasks: Whether as an in-house technician, draughtsman, building planner or system planner in space management – in both building construction and civil engineering.

If you have already gained initial professional experience in civil engineering and have a broad knowledge or expertise in special planning software, you have the best prerequisites for working for us in the field of civil engineering / architecture

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Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering jobs with a wide range of tasks

Electrical engineering provides the necessary knowledge for the development and operation of technical devices. This special know-how is indispensable for the industry. We offer numerous jobs for industrial foremen, electronics engineers, mechatronics engineers, system electronics engineers or certified electrical engineers: for example, in the fields of power engineering, drive technology, automation technology, plant construction or communications engineering.

We are looking for applicants who are well trained, flexible and versatile. And we provide the framework conditions that you need to be successful in your job in the field of electrical engineering. Convince us, then we’ll offer you the best professional prospects!

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Skilled workers & production staff

Our jobs in production and manufacturing

The most significant difference to conventional production assistant jobs who are hired to companies via personnel services is that we are looking for qualified specialists as permanent employees. In the areas of module assembly, special vehicle construction, aggregate and parts preparation. In vehicle preparation, we carry out work such as dent removal, welding and painting. Our employees check individual functions just as much as light tunnels. They process individual parts or optimise gap dimensions.

Our services for Volkswagen and the Group companies always depend on the high quality of our employees' work. We know and reward this: in addition to good salary opportunities, we also provide opportunities for suitable skills enhancement. We pay attention to working hours, making work and private life compatible.

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Automotive mechatronics technicians & Automotive engineers

Diverse fields of activity

We are looking for applicants from fields such as passenger car technology, commercial vehicle technology, body technology or vehicle communication technology. For the Volkswagen Group, we work with vehicle transmissions, hybrid and electric drives, chassis and driving dynamics as well as driver assistance systems.

Are you the expert in one or more of these areas of automotive technology? Then take advantage of the benefits of a job as a motor vehicle mechatronics engineer or mechanic at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. We offer our employees well-paid permanent positions, fair working hours and numerous skill enhancement measures for professional development.

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Quality Management Technician

Quality along the automotive value chain  

Our quality inspectors deal with quality issues within the production of vehicles, in logistics and our technical services: this includes component and material testing, problem analyses or vehicle inspections. Completely using various modern testing methods, we analyse operating materials. In the field of electromobility, for example, we test and evaluate battery test cells.

We expect our applicants to have comprehensive knowledge of current guidelines and requirements. We expect precision and accuracy in the implementation of quality management. We regularly qualify our employees who work as quality inspectors, auditors or quality management representatives in seminars to keep them up to date with legal requirements and standards.

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Test Engineers

Whether for test bench or simulation:

Our engineers and technicians in the field of testing and simulation carry out tests and functional measurements on the basis of test orders. This includes preparing and setting up the tests, as well as field tests in the automotive environment. They analyse independent weak points and work out proposals for optimisations. Test mechanics and commissioning technicians operate, calibrate and maintain or repair the complex measuring and testing technology on our component and engine test benches.

 If you can confidently use CAD systems and test benches belong to your main area of interest, you meet two important requirements for working for Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. You can find out on our job portal which different vacancies we have in test construction or simulation and which other requirements are required.

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