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Our IT students can choose between two main subjects: economics/business administration or logistics. This will leave them well prepared to take on key positions at Volkswagen Group Services after they graduate.

Our IT degree courses

"Logistics and Information Management" in Braunschweig and Wolfsburg

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Logistics and Information Management | Practice-integrated study

A terrific combination: an understanding of logistical and business processes + software and IT knowledge. The logistics and information management degree course prepares students for automation as it continues to advance.

Why work with us?

At Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, students have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in a variety of areas, such as plant logistics or production IT. They will also benefit from close cooperation and interesting projects with the other students.

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Duration of the apprenticeship: Seven semesters
Location: Various operational sites in Braunschweig or Wolfsburg, Germany
University of Applied Sciences: Ostfalia, Campus Salzgitter

Find out more about the Logistics and Information Management degree course on the Ostfalia website:

Is it a good fit for me?

This could be the perfect occupation for you if:

  • you regularly show your parents how computers and programmes work correctly
  • have always wanted to develop your own software for the first time

Curriculum – Logistics and Information Management

  1. 1

    First academic year

    On-boarding weeks together with all apprentices in the apprenticeship and academic year.

    In the basic studies, you will learn the fundamentals of the following subjects:

    • Mathematics and computer science: introductory sessions, applied mathematics and computer science, Internet technologies
    • Economy and law: fundamentals, economics, bookkeeping and balancing, transport industry, finance and accounting
  2. 2

    Second academic year

    The following content is covered during the third and fourth semesters of the Logistics and Information Management degree course:

    • Mathematics and computer science: database systems, Internet economy, operations research, logistics and information management
    • Transport and logistics: supply and demand chain management, external logistics, logistics methods, networked systems in logistics
    • Law: commercial and traffic law
    • Soft skills and project management
  3. 3

    Third academic year

    In the third academic year, you can choose yourself from a variety of subjects. There will also be the following lectures:

    • Mathematics and computer science: simulation in logistics
    • Transport and logistics: transport ecology, optimisation in logistics
    • Soft skills and management: decision making, requirements management

    You will also specialise in logistics and information management with main modules and compulsory elective courses and will work on your student research project in the fifth semester.

  4. 4

    Fourth academic year (Bachelor’s thesis)

    In the seventh semester, you will complete a supervised work term in a suitable department of Volkswagen Group Services; ideally, you will write your Bachelor’s thesis with practical input from your department colleagues.

Requirements for students

You should have:

  • a university entrance qualification
  • study-related advanced courses with above-average grades
  • enthusiasm for computer science, economics, cars and the subject of logistics and mobility
  • interest in databases (Oracle, Microsoft Access) and scripting languages (SQL, HTML, etc.)

Language skills:

  • English

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Apply now for the start of studies in 2024!

It’s fun to supervise apprentices and see all the progress they make.

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