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The focus of our logistical thinking and actions is the efficient linking of interfaces in the service process. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is a reliable partner in the field of logistics at home and abroad - whether in logistics planning, material or vehicle logistics. On this page, you will learn more about our recipe for success consisting of personnel, expertise and state-of-the-art technologies.

Take a look at the presentation of our selected services:

Logistics planning

Analysing, optimising and redesigning logistics processes.

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Material Logistics

Scheduling tasks, such as inventory monitoring and optimisation.

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Vehicle Logistics

Transport protection and internal automobile handling in the respective vehicle plant.

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The future of logistics will be shaped by people whose passion and precision will help create a connection between vision and reality. Through the use of new technologies, traditional logistics will develop the potential needed for a complete realignment of the sector.

Logistics planning

As Volkswagen Group Services GmbH,we independently carry out logistics planning analyses, optimisations and redesign logistics processes for our customers in the Volkswagen Group,   We work closely with the interface areas and create integrated logistics concepts which we implement when awarding contracts for the client. The planning of logistical processes is based on a detailed database, which we collect and analyse to guarantee innovative processes. Through the application of simulation methods and the use of appropriate display tools, problem areas can be identified and adapted accordingly. For clarification, for example, individual hall sections, industrial trucks, conveyor technology and processes are presented realistically and systematically.

Our portfolio also includes the creation of process analyses. In particular, we use the MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) method, which enables us to evaluate the ergonomics of the workstations in addition to the time recording of workloads. This also includes the determination of requirements for personnel to be deployed, logistics-specific equipment, space and IT systems. Based on the requirements, we can provide our customers with meaningful information for investment calculations and prepare requirement specifications and tender documents on our own responsibility.

Material Logistics

Especially with regard to logistical processes, the automotive industry is faced with the task of implementing the diverse requirements of its customers ever more flexibly and quickly. Increasing variant diversity and rising product complexity are leading to far-reaching changes in material flow, material provision and consignment in material logistics. As Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, we are at home in the management of complex logistics processes and have been a reliable partner to our customers since 2001.

In detail, our portfolio includes: Incoming Goods Processing, Inventory Management and Scheduling, Consigning and Sequencing, Unpacking, Repacking and Packing - JIT/JIS Processes, Goods Issue Processing, Empty Container Management, Reports and Statistics, Internal Transports.

As a provider of logistics services, we see ourselves as an active creator and partner and, in close collaboration with our customers, we make use of our experience to improve processes and point out any potential for optimisation. The large number of logistics locations within Volkswagen Group Services GmbH generates a high degree of different processes, whereby best practice prevails over time.

Vehicle Logistics

The area of vehicle logistics comprises transport protection and internal automobile handling in the respective vehicle plant. On behalf of Volkswagen Group Logistics, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has been responsible for Vehicle Manufacture Volkswagen or Volkswagen Sales for the transport protection packaging of new vehicles, storage, provision and loading of the vehicles ready for dispatch onto the respective modes of transport and system handling since 2002.

Depending on the destination, the vehicles are fully or partially packed to ensure the quality standards of the Volkswagen Group, from the vehicle’s completion until its arrival at the customer. The decision regarding the type of packaging depends on the possible environmental influences during the process.

Logistics Business areas

  • Material Logistics

  • Special Logistics

  • Logistics Planning and Industrial Engineering

  • Automobile Handling

  • Logistics Steering

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