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A wide range of services in the Technology division that are planned and implemented at competitive conditions, according to our customers’ wishes and requirements in the highest quality – this is what Volkswagen Group Services GmbH offers.

Our highlight projects in technology:

Battery System Development


Start-up protection for MEB projects


VR and AR Applications




We apply innovation and a high level of expertise to our work in managing the transition to electromobility and the corresponding new technology requirements.

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is responsible for the development of the battery systems for the electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. Our focus is mainly on the mechanical design and predevelopment of battery systems as well as hardware development for controllers. We are also responsible for developing technology for the production of battery systems and areas related to product development processes, such as change management and releases. We play a key role in the heart of electric mobility, offering our customers technological advances on both the German and international markets.

You can find more information about our competencies and job opportunities in battery system development here.

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is running “Start-up protection for MEB projects,” our key contribution to Volkswagen AG’s electric campaign. 

Around 60 colleagues have been supporting the all-electric ID family in different areas of activity since November 2019 in preparing the customer EO for series production. A fleet of MEB vehicles is updated/commissioned daily, after which the vehicles are driven by our employees during late and night shifts, sometimes on public roads, in order to test all the vehicles’ integrated features. Before starting the shift, each colleague is given test instructions for the test drive so that specific features can be evaluated, such as partial self-driving or vehicle battery charging and discharging. Our employees are also responsible for providing the test instructions and coordinating the vehicles for the test drives. Any shortcomings identified during the tests are then reported to the relevant departments and followed up by our colleagues in fault management until the fault is eliminated and measures are verified. These measures ultimately integrated into optimised software, which is flashed and tested once more by our employees. This cycle is repeated until the MEB vehicles in development are ready for series production.

The Virtual Engineering department of Volkswagen Group Services deals with all aspects regarding the visualisation of every application area along the value chain through the use of virtual technologies within the Volkswagen Group. We create a customised solution for our customers, such as for mobile devices, VR, AR or desktop applications. In doing so, we advise on the choice of technology and concept development. We then go on to develop the specific application, which is later implemented in the selected end device.


Connectivity is mainly involved in function and module testing. We carry out tests on comfort electronics, infotainment, mobile online services and ORU (Online Remote Update). Our key tasks include specific analyses, testing, recommendations for releases and the troubleshooting process, along with documentation and committee work. We also manage the ORU fleet, which involves controlling and procuring the corresponding vehicles. The entire division operates for various markets, such as China, North America, Japan and the EU.

With our extensive and in-depth expertise along with our passion for vehicles and on-board software, we deliver the high quality results our customers value. 


Das umfangreiche und tiefgründige Know-how, sowie die Leidenschaft zum Fahrzeug und dessen Software, ergeben dieses hohe Niveau, welches unser Kunde an uns so schätzt.

We offer a variety of technology services that are planned and implemented in an optimal manner, at competitive conditions and in accordance with our customers’ wishes and requirements.

Other business units at a glance

Safety Testing and Safety Assurance

The Safety Testing and Safety Assurance business unit provides metrology, vehicle testing, prototype analysis and component and material testing services.

The main task in metrology is to ensure the quality of pre-series vehicles, particularly in terms of their test capability and operational safety. We are also independently responsible for the development, plant construction and operation of innovative online and offline test systems, such as for joints, surfaces, hardness or material defects.

For example, welded connections and joints are tested for strength by ultrasound in the body shop. During assembly, any deviations are documented and analysed so that the shutdown processes of the pre-series centre can be initiated

Finally, an acceptance test is carried out on all safety-related systems and the functions of the vehicles in their entirety. To ensure the quality of purchased parts, we also carry out sampling processes, start-up protection and module testing. We do this for driver assistance systems and infotainment (connectivity – mobile online services) in pre-series vehicles, for example. In addition, we update the software versions (flashing) in the installed vehicle controllers, which includes vehicle analysis and diagnostics on electronic vehicles, as part of the vehicle commissioning process.

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory business unit includes office space planning, CAFM (computer aided facility management) and construction and infrastructure planning. As a strategic partner within the Volkswagen Group, we also advise our customers, implement New Work concepts and create an attractive and modern working environment for them.

Office space planning optimises existing areas or develops new areas during construction planning. It provides tools for systematic office planning and design.

3D models are created in CAD (Computer Aided Design) for visualisation by rendering photo-realistic perspectives and using laser-assisted factory scans, both greenfield and brownfield.

Starting with a survey of the rooms, building structure and furnishings, which are integrated into the CAFM (computer aided facility management), we prepare the building plans and all renderings of the buildings, including the entire infrastructure and office equipment plans in the system.

We also carry out comprehensive construction measures for project identification, planning (LPH 1) through to completion and handover (LPH 8) as well as project support during ongoing operation in the planning trades of construction, electrical and supply engineering (TGE – technical building equipment). At Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, we are responsible for the entire process from the transfer of all planning statuses to the current status. These include pre-planning and visualisation, preparing application documents and submitting them to the competent authorities, on-site construction management and handing over the keys and documents for the completed building.

Component Assembly

The Component Assembly business unit handles the assembly of chassis modules for many different customer vehicles (such as Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Arteon, etc.). We oversee axle assembly in line with the JIS (just-in-sequence) principle. Our comprehensive range of services include chassis assembly, quality assurance and control, and scheduling and logistics planning. In terms of electromobility, the complete MEB axle assembly for the ID model family (which includes ID.3 and ID.4) is handled by Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.

For plant technology and maintenance, we manage the operation, troubleshooting and servicing of fully automated production and logistics facilities as well as the maintenance of the respective hall infrastructure.

For additive manufacturing (3D printing) and machining, we use high-quality technology to manufacture production tools, spare parts, prototypes for trial constructions and more, as well as fulfil special orders placed by customers.

Production and Automation Technology

The field of Production and Automation Technology includes the implementation of planning, control, design and simulation tasks for car body plant construction or for component parts and assemblies. In recent years, a reliable partner for Volkswagen toolmaking has been established through interdisciplinary expertise and the use of corporate-standard planning, calculation, design, simulation and control software.

Coupled with efficient planning and project management, we provide a pertinent part of the development-related services along the value chain on the way to a new production plant: from project management, planning and design via the “digital factory”, to the commissioning of the production facilities all over the world.

Special Vehicle Manufacturing

At the Special Vehicle Manufacturing business unit, we are responsible for the conversion of the T6 California into a recreational vehicle within the framework of pre-assembly and vehicle assembly operations. This also involves extension and conversion work on custom-built vehicles. 

Our portfolio also includes extensions, painting and foil application for special vehicles such as police cars, postal vehicles and taxis.

In addition, we manage a range of vehicle preparation services – such as smart repair, paint jobs and dent removal – for leasing vehicles, new vehicles and company cars. Regardless of what we do, we always seek to achieve the highest level of quality for our customers.

We also serve as a brand ambassador for historical vintage Volkswagen commercial vehicles (Heritage) at auto shows and other events.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation creates workshop information media and conducts work time analyses, thereby ensuring the quality of technical repairs in workshops throughout the world. Our tasks include the technical editing of the log books, repair guides and circuit diagrams and the creation of graphics for the workshop and customer literature.

In addition, we conduct technical and non-technical training courses for workshops and importers worldwide.  Users acquire specialist knowledge through demonstrations on a digital twin of a vehicle, which is disassembled virtually in order to simulate the work steps.

Technical Development

Using innovative technology, we play our part in developing and designing the future in the Technical Development business unit. As a reliable and professional partner with a high level of expertise, we are responsible for the development of the battery systems for the electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. Our focus is mainly on the mechanical design and predevelopment of battery systems as well as software and hardware development for controllers. We are also responsible for developing technology for the production of battery systems and areas related to product development processes, such as change management and releases.

In steering development, we develop software modules and software codes and create test specifications for steering functions. We conduct software tests in steering development and process test orders for release recommendations. In addition, we work in change management and the series support of steering components in parallel with development.

Virtual vehicle development includes the provision of calculation and simulation services across locations and brands. This refers to the virtual functional design of complete vehicles as well as other elements such as the bodywork and platforms in addition to support for testing prototypes and unit carriers. Our portfolio includes structural crashes (front, rear, and side impacts, roof crushing) and occupant protection, as well as dynamic ground clearance simulation and unit simulation.

As part our virtual vehicle development activities, we also operate the visualisation centre for Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Virtual installation and expansion studies for reachability analyses are carried out using a virtual mock-up and 3D glasses. Thanks to our own independent development and the use of highly innovative virtual reality technology, we are able to offer our customers superlative quality with the shortest possible processing time.

Testing & Development Services

The service portfolio of the Testing & Development Services business unit includes the operation, development and calibration of component and engine test benches, RDE measurement drives and other development services.

As a strategic partner in unit development, Volkswagen Group Services is responsible for the development and operation of engine and component test benches. Functional endurance tests for engines and exhaust systems are carried out on a total of 31 full-engine test benches – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. There are currently 26 test benches for component tests available in the immediate vicinity of the engine test field. These involve the simulation environmental conditions such as heat, cold, dust and moisture.

Another one of our tasks is to carry out RDE (real driving emissions) measurement runs in road traffic. The portable emission measurement system (PEMS) is used to measure the number of particles and the concentration of nitrogen oxides during the journey. With technical excellence and professional expertise, we also carry out the calibration of testing rig measuring technology.

We also provide services in fuel development, which seeks ways to implement the 2030 Volkswagen Fuel Strategy. To this end, we set up the Fuel Competence Centre, where we conduct research on and develop alternative fuels (such as e-fuels).

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