Our task of providing the best possible support to the Volkswagen Group throughout the entire added value chain also encompasses a number of commercial aspects in very different and important areas:

  • the full spectrum of customer support
  • support in purchasing and procurement
  • the finance sector
  • and Sales and Marketing

At our base in Wolfsburg, we're also looking for people to staff our central functions such as HR, organisation, controlling and legal matters.

After completing commercial training such as an industrial clerk or as an office management, dialogue marketing or haulage and logistics services clerk, you will have a sound basis for joining Volkswagen Group Services as a specialist employee. With a qualification in commerce as a business manager or business administrator, you can expect excellent opportunities for development with us.  

Below we present some of our roles from the commercial sector in more detail:

Customer support & call centre

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A variety of roles in customer support

Consistent customer focus is at the heart of the customer care division. Our agents staff telephone service and information hotlines for the Group and carry out "welcome calls" or customer and satisfaction surveys. We take care of further communication in customer services and respond to customer enquiries or send out information material. For the most part, we work inbound.

In customer contact management (CCM), we take care of callers' enquiries to the Volkswagen customer hotline. In the event of a claim, our professional staff take care of all the necessary steps and make sure that assistance comes quickly. They also handle all correspondence with customers and partners for the German and international market.

A job in customer support requires a high level of empathy and a strong focus on service and customers. Our employees include dialogue marketing specialists, automotive specialists and vehicle mechatronics specialists, and answer any questions about our product range or mobility issues from our modern call centre. In an emergency, they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as the first point of contact for customers. This is why flexibility and an enjoyment of vehicle-related issues are key requirements for this call centre job. The ability to speak multiple languages is not essential, but it's a very welcome skill. We speak German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Spanish. If this description appeals to you, apply to one of our job advertisements on the jobs portal.

Purchasing & procurement

Buyers in procurement: a good (negotiating) position

Our buyers and specialists in materials management take the strain off Volkswagen's purchasing departments, for example by calculating tool investments and component prices. Their remit also includes appropriate negotiation assistance for customers as well as price regression analyses.

We support Volkswagen's procurement department with prototype purchasing, B and C parts management and with forward sourcing. We conduct online negotiations and handle change management, enquiry management and order management. Quality assurance and process monitoring are also part of our remit.

Our Supplier Integration Team (SIT) is the direct point of contact for the Group's B2B supplier platform. This makes it a central communication and business transaction tool with suppliers. SIT offers worldwide support in close cooperation with the specialist departments and the technical second-level. Our staff in user management help the Group with the careful assignment of rights for procurement systems. They carry out the required training on these systems – including for our international offices.

This is why our staff in the Procurement division not only need the right qualifications or training, but also a degree of negotiating skill and organisational flair. Good presentation skills, experience of working on projects and strong interface management skills are supplementary skills that enhance their profile. A confident command of English is also often required. But not always – and, depending on the role, in different forms.

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Responsible finance jobs

At our head office in Wolfsburg, we carry out classical finance activities. These include financial accounting, invoicing, controlling and balancing. For the Group, we take care of the digital recording and archiving of documents, such as invoices, in the form of a complex and central service. Needless to say, we maintain the highest levels of data confidentiality when processing these documents.

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH relies on staff who are professionally qualified and who are good at what they do. For jobs in accounting or in the finance department, we are therefore looking for graduates of commercial training courses or related courses of study. We work in teams, which is why we need you to have flexibility and team skills. We also expect applicants for the jobs in finance to have a strong willingness to work and a strong focus on service.  

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Marketing & Sales

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Marketing jobs and roles in sales

Products and services are subject to constantly changing framework conditions on dynamic markets. Marketing is constantly working to optimise both. Sales anchor the products on the market and ensure that customer get what they need. Both departments, Marketing & Sales, are key areas for the success of the business. This is why we are looking for people in market research, media planning and online marketing. Product managers, sales staff and roll-out coordinators for digital marketing measures are also required.

If you are interested in jobs in marketing or sales, you should have the right qualifications, such as a completed course of study in business management, for example. We're looking for creative minds who keep a keen eye on business management figures and develop products that work on the market. The needs of the customer remain at the forefront of everything. For this reason, we're looking for dedicated sales staff who love working with customers and who are successful at selling.

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Human resources & organisation

HR officers, recruitment agents & other HR jobs

Wolfsburg is home to our central human resources department with its HR officers who look after the human resources needs of all our employees. Our recruitment department and HR marketing are in charge of finding and appointing new staff. We offer all of the companies in the Volkswagen Group the option to let us look after their applicant management process.

Added to this is our relocation service, which assists Group employees who are sent to Germany with the settling-in process. Our colleagues help "impats" to find an apartment or deal with the authorities, for example. They take care of the registration and de-registration formalities.

The spectrum of roles we have to fill include other organisational tasks as well: in the classical field of organisation from the ongoing optimisation and development of the organisational structure and process organisation to process development and the development, monitoring and analysis of process-related and tax-related parameters.

We offer interesting jobs in the HR business and for people who are professionals at organisation. If you have an academic background in these areas, we want to hear from you.  

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Legal & Compliance

As a fully qualified lawyer in contract law, data protection, risk management or compliance

With offices in Berlin and Wolfsburg, our legal department advises all divisions and subsidiaries on legal issues, with the aim of identifying problems in a timely manner and finding legally and economically feasible solutions. We advise on areas such as corporate law, data protection and compliance. The latter ensures that employees and board members behave in accordance with the rules. These include statutory provisions and prohibitions, internal rules, self-imposed values and statements to the public.

We offer positions for legal advisors with a high level of responsibility as in-house lawyers/legal counsel in our company.

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