Our logistics services include production logistics, scheduling and operational logistics. We also take care of the preparation, packaging, loading and turnaround of vehicles or vehicle components. Sophisticated, perfectly functioning supply chain management is crucial for getting the goods to customers as quickly as possible.

Through the use of state-of-the-art concepts and technologies, our logistics specialists strengthen the competitive edge of our clients within the Volkswagen Group. As a result, they ensure that the design of streamlined, transparent and efficient logistics processes does not just remain a vision.

We are looking for new people for responsible jobs in the fields of logistics and materials management. It is only through maximum professionalism from our schedulers, logistics and materials management specialists and our goods pickers that we are able to counter strong competitive pressure. Our HR work therefore includes the systematic planning of our employees' training and development.

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Below we present some of our roles from the logistics sector in more detail:

Logistics planners

Wide-ranging tasks in logistics planning

Our staff take care of actual recordings and the analysis and evaluation of logistics processes for the Volkswagen Group, for example. As a logistics service provider, we create our own concepts or optimise existing supply chain solutions. With our value stream design, we are able to create a target status for an improved, customer-focused flow of information and material within all business processes. Logistics consultants have expertise in concept development as well as the specific implementation of production planning.  Logistics transport planning is also part of our field of expertise, as are warehouse logistics and material logistics.  

As a logistics planner, you will play a crucial role in the smooth running of logistics operations. We ensure that you have the best working environment to carry out your profession successfully. This includes a performance-related salary, qualifications for further training and development opportunities.


Experts in material procurement and supply

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH carries out scheduling services such as stock monitoring and optimisation. We supply operational systems and workstations in accordance with ordering strategies such as just in time (JIT), just in sequence (JIS), Kanban and so on. We transport materials and empty containers within the organisation so that the supply chain functions smoothly. We hold stock for a certain period in a variety of areas in our short-term storage zones and manage warehouses.

Scheduling safeguards the supply of materials. This is especially varied in the JIS process, since no one day is like another. The exciting part of the job as a scheduler is the opportunity to work with a variety of different sectors and in a range of different roles such as quality assurance and production, or with suppliers. As a haulage agent, you will contribute an important set of skills to the job in supply chain management.  

Warehouse clerk

A job as a specialist in logistics

Our logistics service for the Volkswagen Group includes, among other things, a highly modern logistics centre, in which we handle the logistics of series and prototype components. Here, our warehouse clerks work in the goods inwards and goods outwards areas. Order pickers, warehouse assistants and transport staff deliver the parts to the delivery points in production on time. We are also responsible for the handling of empty containers and the transfer traffic with the external storage area.

At our central assembly unit warehouse, we store more than two million different test components. Our warehouse staff handle the logistics of engines and gears and store them according to their individual requirements or transport them to the customer. Our remit also includes the logistics for jig and system construction.

Whether you're a specialist warehouse clerk, a forklift truck driver or a warehouse logistics manager: we offer jobs in all areas of logistics.

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