Application & selection process

Launch your career with the Volkswagen Group!

Find out everything about the application process at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH here. We will explain what information and documents we need from you and what makes our selection process special.


Your application profile in the career portal (with explanatory film)

Explanatory film Career Portal
Part 2: Application & Application Profile

You will find the job postings at all our German locations, updated daily, on our online application portal. You can search for a job using the full text search or select the job offers by career level, operational area or location.

If you cannot find a suitable job offer in your search, you can set up a job alert.

1. Create your application profile (so that we can contact you per email)

2. Search for a vacancy as described above

3. Click on “Activate job alert” below

4. You will receive a notification if any suitable vacancies come up

5. If necessary, repeat these steps using different key words and filter criteria

With a pre-filled application profile, you can easily apply for any position that interests you with just a few clicks.  We show you how easy it is in our video “Apply online with just a few clicks”.

Because we are active in many different service areas of the automotive industry, we offer a wide range of specialist positions. Build your professional future on a solid foundation with a permanent position within the Volkswagen Group.


Confirmation of receipt


Status of the application

Was my application received?

There are two ways of knowing for sure that we really received your application:

1. You get an automatic confirmation of receipt by email.

2. You can see which applications you have submitted in your application profile.

The heading ‘Applications’ is right under your file uploads.  All the jobs you have prepared applications for are included in this section. You can see the status for each one.

Please note that applications with the status ‘your draft’ have not yet been submitted by you. You can continue to revise them at any time. If no job titles appear under ‘Applications’, it means you have not yet submitted any applications.

Application tips

You will be giving us a first impression of who you are and any background information relevant to the job.

Your CV is one of the most important documents in this process. It gives us insight into your career history and qualifications. At Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, we prefer CVs that are clearly structured – for example:

Personal Information I Professional experience I Education I Competences

Your CV should be truthful and complete, while highlighting your achievements.

In terms of references and certificates, only the most relevant documents should be included in the interests of clarity (and also to avoid excessive data volumes): your highest educational degree, key work references, any required certificates/declarations.

It is not mandatory to include a photo or cover letter. If you don’t have a photo to hand, just leave it out. The cover letter can be entered into a text box.

We currently conduct the majority of interviews via MS Teams. We are well aware of this and you have nothing to worry about. It’s the content that counts, not the video quality.
You will find the answers to all technical and organisational questions in our FAQ.

FAQ about the application and hiring process

How are interviews currently conducted?

We currently conduct the majority of interviews via MS Teams or, in exceptional cases, by telephone.

What do I need for a video interview?

Technology: A normal computer or laptop with an Internet connection is sufficient. You should also use an up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. You will of course need a microphone – a headset would be even better. Check the headphones of your smartphone to see if they have a microphone.

Drinks: When people talk a lot, they need a sip of water now and then. Have a glass of water ready.

Who calls whom during the video interview?

Please click on the link for our MS Teams or Skype call in advance. We will then start the “conference” at the agreed time. Keep an eye on your phone in case we need to call you on it due to technical issues.

Video interview – what do I need to prepare for?

Familiarise yourself with having a job interview on your computer, which may be an unusual situation for you. Perhaps you should try it out first. We will be discussing the same things we would if we were speaking in person.

Why is the background of the video interview important?

The background is an essential detail when making video calls. If the background is too bright (e.g. through a window), it will be difficult to see you. Shelves or pictures will show up in the image, so you should check the framing beforehand.

What should I wear for my video interview?

Dress however you feel comfortable in whatever you would wear if you were to attend the interview in person. Avoid clothing with small prints, as they may cause unwanted effects on the image.

How should I behave during the video interview?

Stay calm, even if technical problems arise – it can all be fixed. If there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask and let us know if it’s not working.

Look straight into the camera now and then. This is like making “direct eye contact” when on a video call. Pay attention to your hand gestures and body language when talking.

Will the interview be conducted on the phone, mobile phone or computer, and do I need a webcam?

Whether you turn on the webcam of your computer or laptop is of course up to you. However, we recommend using video because the recruiters and responsible departments will also be using their webcams for a more personal feeling. The use of video does not influence the selection of candidates.

What kind of lighting should I use?

Use artificial light if possible, as daylight with alternating sunlight and clouds can have a negative effect on the lighting conditions during the interview. It is best to have multiple light sources in the room. Avoid too much backlighting (and don’t position the light in front of a window either) as it will be difficult to see you.

That being said, we rarely look for lighting technicians, so your personality and expertise are what counts, not the lighting and technology.

Do I need to install MS Teams?

No. The way we use MS Teams, you only need to open it in a current browser via our link.

Which selection processes do you currently use (e.g. online AC or test)?

Apart from phone calls and video conferencing tools such as MS Teams or Skype, we also use other online-based selection processes. There is a wide range of interview topics that may be discussed, such as professional questions, language skills, personal questions or a brief survey. We may also use what we call the Online Assessment Centre (OAC). Tests and the OAC are only used in specific cases and for certain positions.

On-site assessment centres are only used occasionally and depending on the current situation/according to recommendations of the RKI.

You can prepare for an online recruitment test or an online assessment with specialist knowledge. Find a place where you can concentrate with no distractions. You are free to choose the time to take the test (however, there is usually a preferred end date to take the test). Online assessments do not evaluate your performance, but instead determine whether the position is the right for you within the context of the given framework conditions and requirements.

Our selection process

  1. 1

    Online application: the first impression

    After you submit your application via our online application form, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt. Please check the spam folder of your mailbox if necessary. Your application will now be handled by the person responsible for this vacancy. You will find the name of the contact at the end of each job posting.

    Even if the position is no longer posted, you can still view the job posting by accessing your application form.

  2. 2

    Selection phase: MS Teams interview/telephone interview

    A personal interview is usually conducted at this point in the application process. Given the current restrictions, we do not conduct face-to-face interviews at this time.

    If your profile matches the job description, we will contact you to arrange a video (MS Teams) or telephone interview.

  3. 3

    Look and See

    At the request of the department, a "Look and See" can take place after the interview. You will get first insights into the department and get to know possible colleagues.

  4. 4


    If all the phases go well and all parties are in agreement, you will receive feedback from us.

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