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Become part of the Volkswagen Group! There are different ways to reach your destination: You can start out with Volkswagen Group Services GmbH during your studies via an internship, a degree project or, after successfully completing your studies, directly through a job for career starters. Take a look at our vacancies and apply directly online!



Gain practical experience with us! We are looking for dedicated and motivated students across Germany for internships at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. 

As an intern, you will take on responsibility in your area very quickly and will be fully challenged with your qualities and talents after just a short training period. We offer a variety of internship posts for undergraduate and graduate students. Business, law, engineering and humanities students who already have some professional experience and a knowledge of MS Office have the best chances of success. As an applicant, you should be willing to work and have a clear and structured approach to your work.

The internships are generally designed to last three months. This means you can familiarise yourself with the commercial, technical and strategic departments within our company. Each intern at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH will be supported by a mentor, who will offer advice and assistance. With us, you're not just there to make the tea. You're here to learn too. That's why, usually after only a short time, you will be given your own projects to manage, and you will be given assistance throughout your internship from experienced colleagues.

Framework conditions

Period of deployment: Generally three months

Hours of work: 35-hour week

Undergraduate students: 

  • Bachelor's students ≤ 89 credit points or internship before intermediate examination
  • Monthly remuneration: Euro 419.00

Postgraduate students:

  • Bachelor's students ≥ 90 credit points or internship after intermediate examination or Master's students
  • Monthly remuneration: Euro 837.00

Entry options


Economists, depending on their specialist area of study, may be employed in many different areas of the company and in very different roles, such as:

  • in accounting and controlling for the creation of reports and end-of-year accounts, as well as providing support for budget planning
  • in marketing for development and the practical implementation of marketing measures
  • in human resources in operational HR, recruitment and staff support, staff development or international HR
  • in commercial services – for example for process optimisations or customer and supplier support
  • in logistics for the accompaniment and documentation of operational logistical process improvements
  • in various areas, for example for the conduction of staff surveys, research activities and analyses, such as the performance of customer and competitor analyses
Economic engineering and business informatics

Economic engineers and business informatics specialists, depending on their specialist area of study, may be employed in a variety of different roles, such as:

  • in IT as user support and network administration, for support with server management, in the field of application management or project management, database setup, documentation and data management
  • in accounting, controlling and procurement
  • in the field of commercial services, such as for process optimisations
  • in logistics for the accompaniment and documentation of operational logistics process improvements
  • for research activities on the competitive climate or as support for process descriptions and analyses
  • for project-related tasks such as providing support with the implementation of new software
Engineering sciences, especially mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

Engineering scientists, depending on their specialist area of study, may be employed in many different roles within technical services, such as:

  • in process analysis and development
  • in test rig automation
  • in providing support for server software and associated databases
  • for technical documentation
Social sciences, psychology, education

Social science, psychology and education graduates, depending on their specialist area of study, may be employed in many different roles in the technical services sector, such as:

  • in human resources in operational HR, recruitment and staff support, staff development or international HR
  • for the performance of staff surveys
  • as support for the creation of process descriptions and analyses and research activities
Law studies

Law studies graduates may be employed with us as:

  • representatives of the legal department or as interns in labour relations

We also offer a few internship places for students from other disciplines, such as mechatronics or surveying.


Degree projects

If you are working for us, we will be pleased to help you with your degree project. We can assist you with a variety of topics, covering numerous sectors and subjects. Seize this opportunity, since many students have found their way successfully into a career with Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. If required, we can also offer Bachelor's and Master's projects. Students can find regularly updated topics in our jobs portal. Or maybe you have your own ideas already? Make us a proposal for your degree project! We look forward to hearing your suggestions, and we would be delighted to determine whether we'd be able to employ you as a Bachelor's or Master's student.


Framework conditions

Period of deployment: According to study regulations

Hours of work: 35-hour week

Monthly remuneration: Euro 837.00


Requirements profile

  • Good marks over the course of your study
  • Willingness and interest to contribute to the tasks / topics of the area in question alongside your degree project
  • Team spirit
  • Quick thinking


Degree projects are written on all manner of subjects across a variety of fields and disciplines – below are just some examples

  • Analysis of the planning process (controlling)
  • Application management (human resources)
  • Analysis of logistics processes (logistics)

Our current job advertisements

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