Cookie Policy

of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH 

A “cookie” is a small set of data that is stored on your terminal device. This data record is generated and sent to you by the web server you used to establish a connection with your web browser. In general, we use cookies to analyse interest in our websites and to improve the user-friendliness of our websites. In principle, you can also access our website without cookies. To be able to use them in full, however, it is necessary that you accept the cookies described below. Our cookies make it possible, for example, for you not having to identify yourself by entering your user name and password in log-in areas on every new page.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies if cookies are accepted according to your browser settings. Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies automatically. However, you have the option of setting your browser so that cookies are displayed or generally rejected before they are saved. For more information on cookie settings and how to change them, click here for the most popular browsers:

We would like to point out that changes to settings only affect the respective browser. If you use different browsers, the settings must also be changed individually. In addition, you can erase cookies from your storage medium at any time. Please refer to the help function of your browser or operating system for further information.

The most common types of cookies are explained below:


1. Session cookies
While you are active on a website, a session cookie is temporarily stored in your computer's memory, where a session ID is stored, for example, to prevent you from having to log in again each time you change pages. Session cookies are erased when you log out or lose their validity as soon as your session expires automatically.

2. Permanent or protocol cookies
A permanent or log cookie stores a file on your computer for the period until the expiration date. These cookies enable websites to remember your information and settings the next time you visit them. This leads to a faster and more convenient access, as you do not have to make your language setting for our portal again, for example. When the expiry date expires, the cookie is automatically erased when you visit the website that generated it.

3. Third-party cookies
Third-party cookies originate from providers other than the website operator. For example, they can be used to collect information for advertising, custom content and web statistics.

4. Flash cookies
Flash cookies are stored on your computer as data elements of web pages when they are operated with Adobe Flash. Flash cookies have no time limit.