Terms and Conditions of Use

of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH 

1. Terms of use

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH grants the use of this website exclusively on the basis of these terms of use and the data protection declaration which can be accessed on the Internet at any time.


2. Service description application portal

2.1 Volkswagen Group Services GmbH offers an application portal on its website for job seekers (hereinafter referred to as "users"). On the basis of these terms of use, users can utilise the website to request job offers and further information, as well as to apply for the advertised vacancies. In connection with an online application, users also have the option of creating an applicant profile. In this applicant profile, the personal data and documents entered by users for the purpose of the application remain stored and can from this moment on be maintained and updated by the user. The data also remains available for further applications to Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. The user must sign up to be able to use the applicant profile.
2.2 The user is informed that an application for a position offered on the website is only possible in the form of an online application via the applicant portal. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH reserves the right to not consider or return applications submitted by other means (e.g. in writing or by e-mail). For reasons of data protection, any sent files will be erased after the user gives us notice to do so.
2.3 Access to the website is generally possible at any time of the day or night. However, overloading of the access nodes during peak periods, necessary maintenance work, force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH may result in failures of the website, individual services or the access nodes. This does not result in any claims of the user against Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.
2.4 Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is entitled to discontinue all or part of the services on the website for the user at any time without prior notice. The user cannot derive any claims against Volkswagen Group Services GmbH from this.


3. Registration

3.1 The prerequisite for using the applicant profile is free registration with Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. When registering, the following personal data of this user is collected:

  • E-Mail-Adress
  • User name
  • Password and a password check question

3.2 There is no right to register and use the websites of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.
3.3 The user is obliged to keep the password secret, which allows him access to his applicant profile. He is responsible under civil and criminal law for any authorised or unauthorised use of his registration and undertakes to report any unauthorised use to Volkswagen Group Services GmbH and to change the password. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH reserves the right to take the necessary measures if Volkswagen Group Services GmbH becomes aware of a possible misuse of a password.

3.4 Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has

  1. in case of impossibility of authentication of data entered for login and registration,
  2. in the event of suspected or false information during registration,
  3. in the event of suspected or identifiable misuse of the websites,
  4. in the event of damage to or impairment of the functionality of the websites and
  5. other serious violations of these Terms of Use,

the right to remove the user's content from the website.

The user must be informed immediately of the removal of the content, stating the reasons, and must be requested to present and, if necessary, prove its legality. If the user does not comply with this request within a reasonable period of time, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH shall be entitled to erase the data and/or the content posted and to terminate the user's registration and access authorisation.
3.5 For his part, each user is entitled to cancel his registration at any time by erasing the profile with effect for the future. Current applications are not affected by this. Further details are regulated in Section 5 of the Data Protection Declaration, which can be accessed on the Internet at any time.
3.6 The user agrees that all material notifications relating to the use of the Volkswagen Group Services GmbH websites shall be sent by e-mail, unless another form is prescribed by law.


4. Use of the web pages

4.1 The websites may only be used for lawful purposes.
4.2 The user is prohibited from entering incomplete, false or misleading information. Actions that violate or intend to violate system or network security (e.g. obtaining unauthorised access or infiltrating a virus) are prohibited and will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.


5. Liability

5.1 Volkswagen Group Services GmbH shall only be liable - for whatever legal reason -

  1. if the damage is caused by culpable breach of a material obligation (cardinal obligation) in a manner jeopardising the achievement of the purpose of the contract,
  2. or gross negligence or intent.


5.2 If Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is liable pursuant to Clause 6.1 (a.) for the breach of a material contractual obligation without gross negligence or intent, liability shall be limited to the extent of damage which Volkswagen Group Services GmbH would typically have had to reckon with at the time the contract was concluded due to circumstances known to it at that time.
5.3 In particular, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH accepts no liability:

  1. for the success or failure of online applications;
  2. for the website and its server being free of any computer viruses or other damaging mechanisms;
  3. for the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the contents of the website.

5.4 The user shall be liable for all disadvantages incurred by Volkswagen Group Services GmbH as a result of misuse or illegal use of the website or as a result of the user culpably failing to fulfil his obligations under these terms of use or the Data Protection Declaration.
5.5 If claims are asserted against Volkswagen Group Services GmbH by third parties due to a breach of duty for which the user is responsible, the user shall indemnify Volkswagen Group Services GmbH against all claims or pay Volkswagen Group Services GmbH damages.



6. Applicable law

The legal relationship between the user and Volkswagen Group Services GmbH arising from or in connection with the use of the website by the user shall be governed exclusively by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, insofar as this does not conflict with mandatory statutory provisions under foreign law.