Battery System Development

The Battery System Development department at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH develops high-voltage battery systems for the Volkswagen Group.

More than 65 employees work in the development areas of predevelopment, mechanical design, system development, electronics development, technology development and test support as well as calculation and simulation. Parallel to development are the areas of requirements and change management, release management and parts list management.

We are shaping the mobile future of the battery.


Our services & competences

Battery and Component Development

We handle the pre and series development of battery systems and their components, taking into account new technologies and research results.

In addition, our development engineers (m/f/x) are responsible for the development of the hardware design for controllers as well as the concept development and design of electronic components in battery systems. Our tasks also include the planning, execution and evaluation of tests and coordination with suppliers and laboratories.

For project management, we coordinate and monitor battery development processes.

Calculation and Simulation

In this field, we develop the HV battery system of tomorrow together with our customers in the group. Our tasks include virtual function design in thermal management, passive vehicle safety, strength, rigidity, NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics).

We also carry out simulations and tests on cells, modules and battery systems.

Battery Development Services

In change management, we coordinate and monitor technical changes during development until the start of series production and beyond. We do this by preparing all the necessary technical documentation and development parts lists, amongst other things.

In requirements management, we check and evaluate the project attributes based on the requirements in the specifications.

In release management, we review test results relevant to the release and issue evaluation documents to support release recommendations.

Technology Development in Battery Production

The Technology Development team is responsible for the implementation of new manufacturing procedures and processes, such as the application of gap fillers for thermal connection between the cell module and cooling system.

We develop and establish new joining processes until they are ready for series production, including flow drill screw connections (flow-hole forming) and laser welding.

Your benefits at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH as an attractive employer

  • company pension scheme
  • participation in Volkswagen's employee leasing scheme
  • bike leasing
  • special conditions on our Corporate Benefits Platform
  • attractive skills enhancement concept
  • company-regulated offer for “mobile work”
  • free "M-Membership" at Urban Sports Club
  • a young, dynamic team that gives you creative freedom

  • a broad project portfolio with opportunities for individual development


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We and our teams work from state-of-the-art offices conveniently located in northern Braunschweig (district of Veltenhof-Rühme). The offices are optimised for New Work, which offers a more creative and modern way of collaborating. Generous remote work policies ensure a satisfactory work-life balance.


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