Services for the Volkswagen Group 

In the area of manufacturing, the focus of our range of services lies in the planning and implementation of production processes as well as in assembly. Through a number of projects, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has already proven that it can economically implement manufacturing processes, which range from individual parts production to large-scale production processes. More information about our projects can be found on this page.



Get directly involved in presenting our selected production projects:

Axle assembly

Just-in-sequence manufacturing and delivery of chassis and modules, such as rear axles, front axles and corner modules.

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Aggregate refurbishment

Disassembly and cleaning of old aggregates, as well as of gearboxes from the series that failed the test bench.

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When planning and implementing manufacturing processes for our customers, we draw on extensive experience ranging from assembly sub-areas right up to taking responsibility for complex production volumes.

Axle assembly

Since 2004, several thousand Volkswagen passenger cars have been supplied every day with chassis and modules rom the axle assembly department. The Isenbüttel site manufactures front and rear axles and corner modules for the Golf, Tiguan and Touran models. Production is carried out exclusively on a just-in-sequence basis.

This means that we produce and deliver exactly at the time and in the order in which the parts are installed at Volkswagen.

Production of front and rear axles and corner modules for the Passat Sedan, Passat Estate, CC and Arteon models has also been underway at the Emden site since 2007. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is responsible for ensuring the supply of parts at the various locations, securing transport including truck control, quality assurance and ensuring and maintaining plant availability.

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has also been responsible for axle production at the Osnabrück plant since March 2011 and also handles line-feeding, maintenance, disposition, logistics and quality assurance.

Aggregate refurbishment

The aggregate refurbishment unit in Kassel is responsible for dismantling and cleaning old aggregates (gearboxes, engines, cylinder heads) as well as gearboxes from the series which failed the bench test according to the pull principle (assembly program corresponds to disassembly program).

With a high level of technical competence, the chemical and mechanical cleaning of used parts, the inspection and packaging of the parts for recycling and the analysis of old aggregates and individual parts are carried out for Volkswagen cars.

By recycling and separating recyclable materials, reusing old parts not only reduces costs but also makes an important contribution to the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of scarce resources. Original parts can also be made available for repair purposes in our own maintenance area.

Manufacturing services of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH

Aggregate & parts refurbishment for a sustainable supply of spare parts

The industrial processing of engines and parts has a long tradition: originally, this measure was introduced in the post-war period due to the shortage of materials. However, the processing and reuse of aggregates still makes sense today: on the one hand, remanufactured parts offer an inexpensive option for repairs and, on the other hand, the law states that manufacturers must be able to supply parts for up to ten years after the end of production. As part of production at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, we dismantle, clean, sort and evaluate parts such as cylinder heads, gear wheels, cardan shafts and clutch discs.

Module assembly

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH manufactures function modules from components in the immediate vicinity of the customer in sequence in order to deliver them to the installation site on time and with the perfect dimensions. These include axles and wheel drives, as well as chassis, steering columns and other modules.

Special vehicle construction service

We expand or convert models into special vehicles independently for Volkswagen for special areas of application such as ambulances, police or fire engines. These include, for example, the interior fitting of the Camper T6 to form the “California” motorhome and the completion of vehicles with special add-on parts or special accessories.

Inspection and rework services

Our manufacturing services include functional tests, individual part processing, light tunnel inspection, gap dimension optimisation, body welding work and dent removal techniques. In addition, pre-paint work on the body, paint preparation measures and repainting are also part of the service and rework during production.

Vehicle preparation

Although painting and repair are also part of our spectrum, the preparation of company, used and leasing vehicles for remarketing is also one of the fields of activity of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.

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