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Services for the Volkswagen Group

A wide range of engineering services, that are optimally planned and implemented at competitive conditions, according to our customers’ wishes and requirements – this is what Volkswagen Group Services GmbH offers. Our range of services includes production and automation technology, quality assurance, technical documentation, infrastructure management and test bench services. Experience selected highlights on this page.

Get directly involved in the presentation of our Engineering Services:

TE Data Management

Realising complete IT support client support, leasing and investment planning, application development and support.

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Production and Automation Technology

Planning, mechanical and electrical design, simulation, plant design and control.

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HLS/Infrastructure Management

Site management and project management for new buildings and conversions, furnishing and relocation planning as well as data recording and maintenance in HLS.

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Measurement Technology

Ensuring production quality for the testability and operational safety of pre-series vehicles.

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Real Drive Emissions

Performing exhaust emission measurements on test vehicles in road traffic and support during licensing runs.

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Technical Documentation

To draw up repair manuals and circuit diagrams for the workshops to ensure the quality of technical repairs in trade.

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We offer a wide range of engineering services, which are planned and implemented according to the wishes of our customers in an optimal technical manner and at competitive conditions.

TE Data Management

In today's IT world, it is important to consolidate areas and processes in order to maximise synergies, and in doing that be able to design a company's information technology cost-efficiently and transparently.

Volkswagen Group Services is responsible for IT client support, application support and process and system consulting for the technical development of Volkswagen AG. The TE data management project also includes on-site support, application and BI development, user support and requirements management. This also includes an IT service centre, the TE service desk and server support.

This is how we are able to offer our customers short response times with high processing and consulting quality. Consolidation into one service provider ensures the development of comprehensive expertise as well as low management costs, both on the part of the customer as well as for Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.

Production and Automation Technology

The field of production and automation technology includes the implementation of planning, control and simulation tasks, as well as hardware and software design for car body plant construction or for component parts and assemblies.

In recent years, a reliable partner for Volkswagen toolmaking has been established through interdisciplinary expertise and the use of corporate-standard planning, calculation, design, simulation and control software.

Coupled with efficient planning and project management, we provide a pertinent part of the development-related services along the value chain on the way to a new production plant: from project management, planning and design via the “digital factory”, to the commissioning of the production facilities.

HLS and Infrastructure Management

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH takes on the construction and furnishing planning for complex office buildings, office conversions and individual relocation measures in the HLS and Infrastructure Management departments. In addition, the creation of 3D models in CAD and photorealistic perspectives as well as the supervision and coordination of the construction work is carried out, while ensuring a high quality of work and compliance with health and safety regulations on the construction site.

The CAD-supported area and workplace management is also one of the team's tasks. It is used for the maintenance and provision of data on buildings, areas and workplaces.

A further part of the portfolio comprises the takeover of integrated construction measures for project identification, planning (LPH 1) through to completion and handover (LPH 8), as well as project support during ongoing operation in the planning trades of construction, electrical and supply engineering.

Measurement Technology

The central task in the field of Measurement Technology is ensuring the quality of the pre-production vehicles with special attention to their testability and operational safety. For this purpose, individual sheet metal parts are checked for dimensional accuracy and the joining devices are adjusted. Throughout the entire pre-series process, the quality inspectors accompany the construction of some 3000 pre-series vehicles for Volkswagen passenger cars each year.

In car body manufacturing, for example, the strength of welded and joined joints is tested by means of ultrasound. During assembly, all deviations are documented and analysed, thus allowing initiation of the shutdown processes of the pre-series centre. At the end, an inspection run is carried out during which all safety-relevant systems, as well as the entire functions of the vehicles, are checked. The vehicles are then handed over to the relevant departments for testing.

The continuous development of manufacturing processes and the use of newly developed materials requires the adaptation of testing methods and technologies, which is guaranteed by the development engineers in the field of non-destructive testing technology.

Real Drive Emissions (RDE)

Technical innovations and increasing competition demand that product ideas are quickly implemented, taking into account the quality standards typical of manufacturers. The current legal requirements also require both new technical solutions and increasingly shorter development times.

In Testing & Development Services, we have been providing technical development services in this context for over ten years.

The “Real Driving Emissions” test is a component of the type test. The European Union has introduced new regulations for measuring pollutant emissions from passenger cars. In future, type approval will not only require emissions to be measured under laboratory conditions (engine dynamometer), but also in real driving conditions on the road.

In the RDE test, these tests are carried out for the approval of Volkswagen vehicles. In addition, we provide application, transfer, calibration and preparation runs as well as role support for various customers from the Volkswagen Group.

Technical Documentation

If there are changes to the vehicle (including in the development phase), it is the task of the Technical Documentation Department to research, evaluate and prepare these changes.

The employees draw up repair manuals and circuit diagrams for the workshops to ensure the quality of technical repairs in trade. In addition, the employees are commissioned to create maintenance tables and guides (specifications for vehicle maintenance in the workshops). In the case of newly developed vehicles and model maintenance, existing time key figures (installation and removal of parts) of the previous models for specific working positions (e.g. tightening of screws), according to the REFA standard, are used with the working time analysis. These are used as reference or target times in combination with the hourly rates, as a basis for the invoicing for repairs in Volkswagen's customer service garages.

The creation of graphics and illustrations for workshop and customer literature is also part of the Technical Documentation department’s portfolio.

Engineering at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH: our business fields at a glance

Testing & Development Services

Our specialists test engines as well as engine and exhaust system components on numerous engine testing rigs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to test gas operations with CNG and LPG and assemble or disassemble engines for them. Other component testing rigs allow us to carry out functional testing on components in the drive train such as drive belts and starter motors. Pollution from the environment, such as dust, water or temperature are simulated in test mode for the components so that engines are able to run reliably later on, even in extreme conditions. With technical excellence and professional expertise, we also carry out the calibration of testing rig measuring technology. On the background of reducing greenhouse gases, we act as a strategic partner to the Fuel Expertise Centre.

Quality Assurance

“Quality Assurance” services are defined by absolute accuracy and a wealth of experience. We work with meticulousness and commitment to implement our customer's quality promise. We are active in the areas of component and material testing, problem analysis and vehicle inspections.

We put components and materials through their paces. Among other things, this includes the complete analysis of operating materials by using destructive and non-destructive testing methods, X-ray diffraction or chemical analyses. We also test, evaluate and analyse battery test cells in the field of electromobility.
Accuracy requires precise and reliable measuring methods. We use tactile and optical testing methods to ensure dimensional accuracy in vehicle construction. To meet the highest quality requirements here, we work with innovative measuring methods.

The sophisticated product is at the focus of the vehicle inspection. During quality assurance, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH analyses technical problems in design and production in advance and conducts load tests on test carriers. To also ensure the quality of purchased parts, our company carries out sampling processes and supports the suppliers of the Volkswagen Group with our high quality standards in technical matters. This also includes support for parts management to the analysis partners, suppliers or safety stations.

Production and Automation Technology

The field of production and automation technology includes the implementation of planning, control, design and simulation tasks for car body plant construction or for component parts and assemblies. In recent years, a reliable partner for Volkswagen toolmaking has been established through interdisciplinary expertise and the use of corporate-standard planning, calculation, design, simulation and control software.

Infrastructure Management

As the experts in infrastructure planning, we provide our customers with services in the fields of construction, electrical engineering and supply technology. We draw up construction, execution and auditing schedules.  Another aspect of our portfolio involves setup planning for complex new office buildings, office conversions and individual relocation measures, including advice, taking account of workplace guidelines. In addition to detailed drawings in 2D and 3D in CAD, we are also responsible for documentation using CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management). We act as partners for comprehensive building projects and also manage the maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment.

Technical Documentation

Part of our engineering services, the focus of the “Technical Documentation” business area is the transfer of specialist knowledge and supporting customer service. We create graphics and content for customer and workshop literature and, through our translations, we take care that our logbooks and repair guides can be understood around the world. In addition, we provide support in change management and working time analyses.

Technical comprehension and the transfer of knowledge to the users is the key to the workshops’ success. We design tailor-made training courses for our target groups with technical expertise and a passion for technology. Here, we start by defining training contents and materials, coordinate and supervise the participants and conduct the interdisciplinary as well as the technical training sessions on the vehicle.

We accompany the rollout of IT workshop systems and take on problem management and the technical development of customer service systems. To quickly find and rectify errors, we support the development of diagnostic procedures. These include the creation of troubleshooting programs as well as technical fault analysis and fault rectification in diagnostic software and hardware.


Component Development

Using innovative technology, we play our part in developing and designing the future in the field of component development. With technical expertise to match, we were responsible for MEB battery development. This includes design, hardware development, technology planning and electronics development.

As part of the virtual vehicle development process, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH also operates the visualisation centre for Volkswagen Utility Vehicles. These include virtual installation and removal tests as well as hose simulations. Reachability analyses are carried out using a virtual mock-up and 3D glasses. The use of highly innovative virtual reality technology means that we are able to offer our customers superlative quality with the shortest possible processing time.

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