Data Engineering

Services for the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH provides IT services for its partners throughout the entire automotive value chain. Our portfolio in this area ranges from consulting and application support to system development and IT requirements management. On this page, you can gain an insight into our diverse projects with varied challenges.


Take a look at the presentation of our selected services:

Control Center

Monitoring and incident management for IT systems in production, logistics, technical development and other organisational units.

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IT Client Operation

Recording and definition of user-specific requirements, coordinating operational client management, administering security components.

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IT User Management

Management of access and authorisations, systems adaptation to digitisation.

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Our innovative portfolio includes customer-oriented and specialist services ranging from data analysis, through conception and implementation, to the control of complex IT processes.

Control Center

The Project Control Center supervises the monitoring of the IT systems for production, logistics and technical development, as well as other IT organisational units of AUDI AG. The task is to record any IT system failures of the production systems in front desk and to escalate and coordinate any highly critical IT failures in back desk. Other tasks include moderating management conferences in the event of Priority 1 disruptions and, in the event of a malfunction or escalation, exchanging information with other organisational units and the Operations Department at the Volkswagen Group.

The focus here is on coordinating the restoration of the IT systems affected in the event of a malfunction, avoiding vehicle losses, short reaction times and high reliability.

IT Client Operation

The client operation of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is linked to the products and processes throughout the IT value chain. The provision of so-called “service-supporting processes” is one of its core competencies. These are made up of problem, quality and escalation management as well as knowledge management according to ITIL™.

The conception, implementation and responsibility of these support processes, as well as the product lifecycle management of approx. 32,000 mobile devices, are the main tasks.
Our support processes work in the client operation of AUDI AG and support the core IT service processes there. These consist of Incident Management & Change Management. The tasks include hardware and software (2nd level) support and the provision of individual services. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH uses the service-supporting processes to secure and optimise the core processes of AUDI AG's 2nd level support. In addition, our dedicated employees provide support in controlling the core processes and have established themselves as experts in AUDI AG's 2nd level support.

Client operation is also involved in various projects in this environment. Our high processing quality and continuous service improvement generate synergies throughout the entire process chain. This added value is noticeable to customers and increases user satisfaction.

IT User Management

IT user management has been managing access and authorisations for Audi IT systems since 2016. This sensitive area of responsibility includes access to almost 1,200 systems for employees at AUDI AG  and, if required, for international locations and Group employees.

Approximately 15,000 system applications are processed each month and the corresponding authorisations are set up based on defined SLAs and binding IT security and data protection requirements.

Data Engineering Services of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH in automotive production:

IT requirements management and technical conception

Requirements management is particularly important in the design of complex systems, the development of which often involves a great deal of division of labour. The aim is to create a common understanding of the system to be developed for all participants and to document the resulting development tasks. Our services in IT requirements management as well as in technical concepts for the Volkswagen Group include the identification of system requirements, the definition of design principles and standards and the development of architectural objectives. The order clarification for service and operation as well as safety and quality considerations are also part of our scope of duties.

IT specialist application management

Application management comprises development, operation, support and further development. Individual customer requirements are taken into account so that we can ensure smooth, customer-oriented and efficient operation as well as the integration of the application software into new or existing system landscapes. Thus, we accompany the entire life cycle of a software application with expertise. From the idea, to (further) development through to replacement. That is why this field of activity requires a high degree of reliability from us as an interface.

Within application management, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is responsible for the maintenance and support of a wide range of applications (application management support) and for user support (first and second level support). We work according to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards and adhere unfailingly to the agreed service levels. In many projects, this requires a high level of technical penetration in a wide variety of service areas, such as technical development, IT itself or procurement. The continuous optimisations within the Volkswagen Group lead to a constant expansion of our area of responsibility and thus of our range of services.

Business intelligence: system development and implementation within the scope of our IT services

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is the right partner for the development and implementation of applications and databases. We have extensive experience and can look back on many years of cooperation with our customers from the Volkswagen Group in the IT sector.  In addition to data collection and recording from a wide variety of source systems, this includes data analysis and preparation in electronic form with the aim of gaining data-based knowledge to support decisions.

In the field of data collection and recording, we work based on state-of-the-art data technologies (BigData).  This begins with the development of a uniform data universe, which contains all relevant data in various forms.  This universe is evaluated using self-developed web interfaces and made available to customers. In data analysis and evaluation, data is extracted from various applications with the help of tools developed in-house and managed in a separate database landscape. Our information technology specialists carry out software tests and their detailed documentation.

We actively accompany our customers from the introduction of their IT solution to the running system. Of course, we also take over the application management for resulting applications that are already in the productive operating phase or are subject to agile (further) development.

Consulting as a part of IT services

Our services also include practice-oriented and application-oriented support as well as qualified advice on special IT issues within the Volkswagen Group. Ensuring the best performance of a software solution – this is our goal in the areas of test strategy and quality assurance in consulting. The practical IT consulting of our specialists also includes methodical support for agile development methods.

Taking a holistic view, we analyse the present architecture management. Among other things, we check the existing architecture for completeness and point out possible weaknesses in comparison to current standards.