Unsere Geschäftstätigkeit im Bereich Caregroup stellen wir zum Ablauf des 30.06.2020 ein.

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We will cease our Caregroup business activities on the end of June 30, 2020.

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Well looked-after everywhere

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH provides services for globally active Group companies for billing medical expenses until the end of june 20, 2020. Among other things, this includes supporting employees while on business trips and foreign assignments. We process the medical invoicing and cover the costs in accordance with our catalogue of services.

In cooperation with your employer, we have put together an optimal service package for you.

In cooperation with the Malteser Hilfsdienst, our team guarantees our members 24-hour availability as well as competent and multilingual support.

Direct billing

Falling ill abroad is often associated with high costs for the patient. Many doctors and clinics require payment prior to treatment. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has agreed direct settlements with various medical service providers abroad.



Description of how to reach us
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Description of how to reach us
Also available below to download

Julia Roesler
Volkswagen Group Services GmbH
International Service Project Manager

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