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A wide range of services can be found in the area of Commercial Services. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH provides customer support throughout the entire value chain, from procurement services, call centres, input management and personnel management services to events and catering. You can find details of our wide range of services on this page.



Take a look at the presentation of our selected projects:

Digital Consulting

We create digital processes and develop new digital services.

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Business Innovation Studio

Shaping the future of mobility service and business design with a focus on digital product development.

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Event Management

Providing an innovative event space and support for customers with all services relating to events.

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Input Management

Processing incoming customer correspondence, document scanning, OCR and SAP data service, processing, archiving and document destruction.

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Customer Contact Management

Safeguarding the highest possible accessibility for inquiries from end customers and dealers, performing further activities in the indirect area.

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Licence Management

Managing and tracking software licenses with the aim of achieving the greatest possible cost-benefit factor.

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We offer our customers numerous tailor-made solutions in our commercial projects, whether as a flexible customer care service, as an innovative project and process management or as a creative source of ideas.

Business Innovation Studio

The Business Innovation Studio is the first point of contact for service and business design within the Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. Focusing on the Group’s digitalisation and the mobility of the future, the internal agency develops user-centred, digital products and holistic strategies.

The innovation process in collaborative projects and design sprints is based on the design thinking approach. This consists of quantitative and qualitative user research, ethnographic studies, generating ideas, developing and testing of prototypes, visualisations and the development of future-oriented business models.

Event Management

Services relating to events have been offered in the forum of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH since January 2004. An innovative event space with flexible event rooms for 15 to 500 guests is available for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Financial Services, Wolfsburg AG and the city of Wolfsburg.

Providing modern event technology, good and healthy cuisine, printers with idomp in the Volkswagen network, good transport connections and the possibility of implementing safety-relevant events makes it possible to cover a wide range of events. From event enquiries to invoicing for all services, this guarantees customer support from one source. 

Input Management

The Input Management project for Volkswagen Financial Services Digital Solutions GmbH has included the areas of “Mail and Document Logistics”, “Work Preparation and Scanning”, “OCR Data Service” and “SAP Data Service” since April 2011.

Employees currently process up to 10,000 inboxes on any one day. On workdays between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., approximately 26.5 million pages per year are thus qualitatively viewed, digitised, completely recorded, checked several times and prepared for further systems and subsequent processes as required.


Customer Contact Management

More than 400 dedicated and expert employees have been available for end customers and dealers since January 2010, 365 days a year - 24 hours a day. This ensures the highest possible level of customer accessibility in the Volkswagen Group and provides further activities in the indirect area for brands and their specialist areas.

The group affiliation and the continuous employee training achieve a high level of consulting, thus maintaining the brand identity. In this way, we keep customer data within the Group and thus ensure a high level of data security.

Group synergies are exploited by cross-brand customer support in the area of Customer Care. Our highly communicative staff provide multilingual services in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Licence Management

With the aim of maximising the cost-benefit factor, Volkswagen Software Asset Management GmbH has been responsible for managing and tracking the Group's software licenses since August 2016.

The challenges here involve central license management, the monitoring of license volumes and allocations with regard to cost optimisation. Furthermore, any legal consequences due to under-licensing must be avoided just as much as additional expenditure due to over-licensing. The employees deal with additional administrative tasks for software products, support and make recommendations for action.

Commercial services of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH: Our business fields at a glance

Procurement Services

We relieve purchasing departments by constantly optimising our processes, strategically developing and increasing the efficiency of our Procurement Services whilst maintaining the high quality standards of the Volkswagen Group. Our cost management assumes the calculation of tooling investment and parts prices. This includes adequate negotiation support for the customer as well as price regression analyses. As a support service, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH also offers authorisation assignments for procurement systems (user management) and conducts training courses for procurement systems - also at the international locations.

We operationally support the Volkswagen procurement of prototype purchasing, in B and C parts management and in forward sourcing. Competent and committed staff at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH have worked in the Process Center in Wolfsburg for the procurement of all brands of the Volkswagen Group since 2005. Among other things, we are responsible for key account and escalation management as well as order management and load balancing. We conduct online negotiations and handle change management, inquiry management and order management. We also take care of quality assurance and process monitoring.

Our Supplier Integration Team (SIT) is the direct point of contact for the Group's B2B supplier platform and thus a key instrument for communicating and business processing with suppliers. With bundled knowledge, the specialist teams in the areas of Research and Development, Procurement, Logistics, Quality Assurance and Sales react quickly and efficiently to special inquiries from suppliers. SIT offers worldwide support in close cooperation with the specialist departments and the technical second-level. We support users in handling issues, explain processes, investigate errors and failures and ensure that they are rectified.

Call Center Services

Consistent customer orientation is the focus of our activities in Customer Care. We take care of telephone service and information hotlines for the Group and conduct telephone calls, such as welcome calls or customer and satisfaction surveys, answer customer inquiries and send information material. Our service at the customer hotline for Volkswagen (KKM) includes caller support in all their concerns. In the event of damage, we organise all the necessary steps and make sure that assistance comes quickly. 

Input Management

In the form of a complex and central service, we take care of independent and autonomous digital recording and the archiving of documents, such as invoices. To this end, we develop and document the target process, adapt the systems to order and customer requirements, integrate the necessary hardware and, after the system rollout, also provide staff training sessions. Needless to say, we maintain the highest levels of data confidentiality when processing documents.

The Support department is one of the many areas in which Volkswagen Group Services GmbH supports the Volkswagen Group with its services. On the one hand, this involves technical support, including hardware and software, to ensure system operation. On the other hand, this area of our services also includes the development and implementation of escalation plans and emergency scenarios.

HR Management Services

Recruitment services:
We invite all companies of the Volkswagen Group to let us look after the applicant management process - whether in part or as a complete process: For example, we advertise vacancies, which begins with the assimilation of job profiles and extends to the optimal design and wording of the job vacancy and the selection of appropriate media. We review the application documents received, make initial contact with the applicant, conduct telephone and job interviews and, thus, efficiently pre-select suitable candidates.
Our range of services also includes the design and implementation of cutting-edge assessment centres. As specialists in the field of personnel selection procedures, we can advise on the design of the selection process and take care of its implementation.

We are also active in personnel marketing: in addition to the optimal design and placement of job advertisements in relevant media, we also take on the conception and implementation of target group-oriented event formats to address and find the right applicants. To attract qualified applicants, our online marketing optimises all digital activities in the areas of search engine optimisation and marketing, social media marketing and active sourcing.

Relocation service for international employees:
Due to the globalisation of the economy, the number of employees being sent to other countries is also on the rise in the Volkswagen Group. Our relocation service enables the Group's employees sent to Germany to integrate quickly into their new environment. We help with integration at the workplace, provide support in finding accommodation or dealing with the authorities and take care of formalities requiring registration and de-registration (kindergarten, school, etc.).

Employees sent to work abroad, the so-called inpatriates and expatriates, are subjected to a great burden: on the one hand, they have to find their way in their new working environment within a very short time and achieve maximum performance in the company right from the start. On the other hand, they and their accompanying family find themselves in a new, unknown environment. This is where Volkswagen Group Services GmbH can help: the support of importers and expatriates already begins during the run-up to the foreign assignment, takes effect during the assignment abroad and is also useful after the assignment has ended.

Events & Catering

A balanced diet is one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is also involved in the catering sector:

We operate catering facilities such as canteens, cafeterias, self-service shops or classic salesrooms (for example, for articles and accessories) for the Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, we design and plan events, trade fairs, congresses and conferences and bring them to life, including catering and service. 


Health-related Services

For prevention and rehabilitation purposes of Group employees, our health services include the fitness and rehabilitation centres operated by Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. There, for example, we hold courses such as “Fit at the Factory” for behavioural prevention. Within the Group, we support reintegration programs (also for employees with performance-related disabilities), analyse various employees’ ergonomic-physiological workplace conditions, prepare physiological risk assessments, hold training and information days on health topics and also organise health workshops.

In addition, we are establishing partnerships with external training centres and sports clubs, offer counselling on health strategy development and can set up and introduce Company Integration Management (CIM). We also pay for medical services to health insurance funds and into the German pension insurance fund.

The International Service of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH: support for group employees on foreign assignments and business trips

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH provides services for globally active Group companies within the scope of billing medical expenses. Among other things, this includes supporting employees while on business trips and foreign assignments.

We process the medical invoicing and cover the costs in accordance with our catalogue of services. In cooperation with your employer, we have put together an optimal service package for you.

In cooperation with the Malteser Hilfsdienst, our team guarantees our members 24-hour availability and a competent and multilingual support.

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