As an employer, we are aware of our responsibility. Our employees are important success factors for our services. We therefore place great importance on the safety and health of our employees - not only with regard to the workplace, work processes and employment contracts. In an environment of increasingly rapid technological develop­ments, we also see our task as enabling a positive work-life balance and constant, planned skills enhancement. Find out in detail here what distinguishes us as a company.


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Our mission statement: We all pull together

We have been contributing our expertise in various service areas of Volkswagen and its brand companies since 2001. We thus strategically ensure that specialist expertise is both kept and expanded within the Group. Despite the diversity of our tasks, we all share a common mission statement: to secure the long-term success of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and abroad!

We are working towards this goal by assuming far-reaching responsibility for all types of work processes as well as creating synergies. Always with the guiding principle in mind that we ensure efficient and rapid implementation with high professional standards and a great deal of dynamism. Above all, in an environment of constant change, we want to achieve sustainable growth. Together, as a powerful team!

Corporate Benefits: Employee offers & special conditions

In addition to a fair income and a high level of job security, we also pay attention to a positive work-life balance. For non-managerial employees, this is made possible by, for example, flexible annual and working time accounts with a standard working time of 35 hours per week.

For our employees, being part of the Volkswagen Group offers many advantages and attractive benefits:

  • participation in Volkswagen's employee leasing scheme
  • possibility to take a sabbatical of three to six months as part of “Meine Auszeit”
  • a comprehensive range of advanced training courses - in-house and in cooperation with the AutoUni and Volkswagen Group Academy
  • company-regulated offer for “mobile work”
  • special conditions at Volkswagen Financial Services
  • attractive special conditions on our Corporate Benefits Platform
  • discounts on public transport such as the Deutsche Bahn job ticket
  • company pension schemes, offers for company health care and much more

Our task in the Volkswagen Group

All companies in the Volkswagen Group contribute their share to implementing the NEW AUTO strategy. As a specialist service provider, we support the Group in many new areas with our know-how. Our range of services is constantly expanding in line with the changing requirements of new developments, such as digitisation and new forms of mobility.

Our affiliation with the Group enables us to work on Group-internal systems and platforms, thus simultaneously guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data. We are very familiar with processes, structures and quality standards.  With us, knowledge is permanently retained within the Group and synergies are exploited.

As a service provider, we can act more flexibly and quickly than an OEM. This creates excellence that repeatedly opens doors for new projects - as well as for individual career paths within the Group.

We are committed to consistent personnel development

As a result of innovations and changing requirements, the variety of projects and tasks is constantly growing for us as a company. That is why we systematically and sustainably promote the future-oriented development of our employees:

supervisors regularly discuss the employee's qualitative development and provide assistance in individual career planning. These are then coordinated with the personnel officer to introduce appropriate personnel development measures.

There is an extensive in-house program of qualification measures for professional, methodological and personal competence development. In addition, at the Volkswagen Group Academy and the AutoUni, our employees can also take part in advanced Group training courses and seminars.

This is our idea of a cooperative management style

Our employees are committed and carry out their tasks on their own responsibility. Together with their superiors, who exemplify a cooperative management style, our projects are brought to success for our customers. Cooperation based on partnership and mutual respect belong to our understanding of leadership and our staff mission statement.

Only those who are motivated do a good job. Our managers therefore ensure the professional development of their teams. As superiors, they pay attention to a moderate relationship between work and private life. They ensure this not least in the form of regular appraisal interviews and a balanced working time account (for non-managerial employees).

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