Training in gastronomy

The application period runs from 1st July to 31st October for people wishing to start their training the following year. 

Balanced nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle. This is why knowledge from experts in gastronomy, events and catering is so valuable. Train as a chef or specialist in system gastronomy and become an expert in enjoyment and nutrition yourself. As a trainee in system gastronomy, you will plan and provide assistance at events and the daily preparation of meals within Volkswagen Group Services GmbH.


Specialist in system gastronomy (m/f/d) | Training

As a specialist in system gastronomy, I combine practical service skills with commercial knowledge within the define food service concept. I advise and look after guests, deal with complaints and implement quality assurance. I plan staffing rotas, check hygiene and safety and I take care of business management matters. I work in system gastronomy companies, such as catering firms, food service chains and the gastronomy sectors of large companies. My workplace is the office and the salesroom. 


Duration of training: 3 years
Training location: Wolfsburg



Areas of focus during training

  • Dealing with guests, advice and sales in the restaurant
  • Work planning and handling various equipment, machinery and consumables
  • Working in kitchens, service and banqueting
  • Office organisation and communication
  • Management and control of commercial service production, goods management
  • Restaurant and system organisation
  • Marketing and event organisation
    Requirements profile

  • A strong willingness to deliver, flexibility and mobility
  • A friendly manner and good verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of foreign languages would be advantageous

Chef | Training

As a chef, I learn the secrets behind the art of preparing and serving dishes. There's more to the job than just washing, chopping and cooking food; we also have to calculate prices, organise the purchases, put together menus, coordinate workflows, manage staff and so much more. As a chef, I can also be really creative by "inventing" new ways of decorating or serving dishes, or even coming up with completely new recipes, combinations and menus.


Duration of training: 3 years
Training location: Hanover

Areas of focus during training

  • Understanding of how to compose dishes and drinks; preparation and serving of simple dishes and drinks taking account of nutritional principles
  • Operation and maintenance of equipment and utensils
  • Working within the organisation of the kitchen
  • Technical expressions in foreign languages
  • Preparation and service of various foods in a variety of the kitchen's areas (soups, starters, vegetables and accompaniments, roasts, desserts)
  • Organisation and management of purchasing and storage
    Requirements profile

  • Craftsman skill and creativity
  • Professional handling of food and equipment
  • Interest in nutritional physiology and commercial skills

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