AutoVision GmbH is now called Volkswagen Group Services GmbH

December 2017

Volkswagen Group Services GmbH – new name, continued professional automotive services. AutoVision GmbH´s new name reflects the company’s strategic orientation towards the Group as a whole, its brands and companies.


For us as a company, the renaming and establishment of a Supervisory Board are important milestones: this shows our close ties and future professional role towards our clients in the Group. The aim is that AutoVision's foreign activities will also in future operate as “Volkswagen Group Services”.

Sebastian Krapoth

Spokesman of the Management Board (2017)

With its professional focus, our reorganisation is thus beginning to bear fruit. Volkswagen Group Services GmbH is placing a great deal more emphasis on the Group's Engineering, Production, Logistics, Data Engineering (IT), Commercial Services and Health and Catering business units.

Foundation of a Supervisory Board

It was also decided to establish a Supervisory Board to manage AutoVision GmbH and, in the future, Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. The Supervisory Board shall include representatives of employers and employees from various departments and brands of the Group.

Amongst other things, it has the task of deciding on strategic developments, monitoring the management and actively accompanying the company's activities. In addition, the further entry and establishment of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH within the Group as a whole is to be supported.

By founding the Supervisory Board, we are consolidating the company’s long-term orientation and, at the same time, securing the jobs of our colleagues. Its task is to monitor and thus support strategic developments as well as the establishment and presence of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH throughout the Group.

Stephan Wolf

General Works Council Chairman (2017)

I am delighted that the company has finally complied with our long-standing demand for a Supervisory Board. I am convinced that the Supervisory Board is an important body for Volkswagen Group Services GmbH and that it will position the company in the strategically correct places within the Group.

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